Snow Removal

AccuCut Lawn Services provides snow and de-icing services to commercial and residential properties.

We have the equipment do any job, big or small, and have several crews out working every snowfall to keep you parking lots, driveways or sidewalks and entrances free of snow and ice.
Parking Lots & Commercial
We utilize skid loaders with sectional snow pushers and plow trucks to be very efficient at clearing your parking lots even in very large snowfalls.  Our snow pushers scrape lots cleaner and more efficient than the competition, which can also save you money on de-icing services. We can also clear your sidewalks and entrances.  Most of our commercial clients also have us provide de-icing services.
salt spreader
De-icing service
The de-icer we apply to our lots and roadways is a complex blend of minerals containing sodium, calcium, magnesium and potassium chlorides.  This blend makes it effective at much lower temperatures than traditional salts applied by many other companies in the area, and since we buy it in very large quantities, we can generally be less expensive than others.
Our sidewalks get treated with another product that is effective at very very cold temps and also has a residual effect.
Residential Driveways, Walks and Entrances
Most of our residential driveways are cleared with our large snowblower unit.  This eliminates those large piles of snow from plowing.  Residential properties can also have their sidewalks and doorways cleared.  We also do utilize plow trucks on residential driveways where they are suitable.